Friday, January 1, 2016

Spring Is Here!

Spring is here and the boys are ready! They love being outside and being active.  Kree really loves golf and I think he will be really good so I hope he keeps practicing and enjoying it.  Treker loves anything to do with a ball.  I am amazed at how well he hits the ball off the tee.  I am excited to see these two grow up and play sports and hopefully excel at them and enjoy them.

A New Ride!

Kree has been anxious to ride his new bike.  We had to wait until the snow disappeared and now here he is!  He did really well for is first time.  He has been wanting to be able to keep up with all the neighborhood kids for so long.  He only crashed once or twice and then he got the hang of it.  The only hard part for him was being able to reach the ground after he had stopped or actually pushing back on the pedals to brake.  He is so proud of his bike though and looks so cute!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Kree!

So call me Crazy... but I decided to throw Kree a Ninja Turtle 5th Birthday party with his friends the day before his actual birthday.  I was so excited and had found all these fun ideas on Pinterest and other places and then got to work.  Wow... I can't believe that I did all that I did now that I look back on it and will probably never do it again. It was fun and I got creative but it was a lot of work and my house probably wasn't the best to have a bunch of 4,5 & 6 year olds running around.  Kree was so excited for it though so it was worth it.
I've posted all the fun stuff we made and did for the party.  I found these foam swords at a party store. I put my creative drawing side to the test and made a carboard cutout of a ninja turtle so they all could have their pictures taken as a Ninja Turtle.  The pictures are kind of light, I should have darkened it up a bit, Oh well! I found cute plates and cups and straws and then I cut out masks for each of them out of material. I hung laterns and decorated them as Ninja Turtles. I made cupcakes in the Ninja Turtle colors and had a cake made for me by a friend.
I designed a cover for a pizza box because everyone knows that Ninja Turtles love Pizza!  And then fed all the kids pizza.  Streamers and Balloons went up of course.  I also had a Goodie table with all sorts of Green candies.  I also sent  a goodie bag home with all the kids that contained Ooze, a Ninja Turtle ball, bracelet and fruit snacks, they also kept their cups and masks and swords.
For an activity I taped black balloons down in our basement representing the Ninja Henchman and the kids got to go down and fight them with their swords.  They loved it and plus they all needed to get some energy out, even Ragen.
The kids gave Kree some fun gifts, a lot of Ninja Turtle stuff plus more.  I think they all had a great time but I was exhausted!
The next day on his actual birthday we had a Family Birthday Party for Kree.  Kree loves having his cousins around.  Kree got some fun presents including a brand new Bike.  Now we just have to teach him how to ride without training wheels.
Kree is in Preschool right now and is so excited to start Kindergarten in the Fall.
He loves to play soccer and t-ball and is playing on teams this year.
He has been complaining of his knees hurting a lot, probably growing pains.
He is in a whiny phase right now.
He loves to go to Primary.
Still carries his blanky and little grey puppy around everywhere.
Is obsessed with Ninja Turtles.
Does not like to eat breakfast.
Started writing lowercase letter, counting to 100 with a little help.
Hates to wear pants, always wants to wear basketball shorts.
Is still a Mama's boy.
Loves to watch movies.
Loves to boss Treker around.
Knows the months, most of his letter sounds and all of his ABCs.
Happy Birthday Kree! We love you!

Happy 2nd Birthday Treker!

 This Little Cutie turned 2!  He has such a personality and I can't imagine life without him.  We went to Red Robin to eat with Grandma and Papa Hunter.  Treker loves the fries!  Afterwards we celebrated with cake and ice cream.  Treker said he wanted a football cake cuz he loves Boise State football, well my cake making skills are not that great!  But he was happy.  Keegan, Britnee and Declan came to celebrate as well.
Treker is really loves Boise State football and any sports for that matter.  He is always going around saying "Boise State Football or Boise State Broncos"
He loves cars and loves to play outside.
He likes to repeat anything that Kree says in fact speaks really well for his age.
Still tends to be sick a lot and not sure why.
Our favorite things he says right now are: "No nite-nite!" "Ni-Nite Sleepy Poo!" or " No Sleepy poo!" 
He loves to talk about his cousins.
He loves his Grandpa Hunter.
Loves to have his back, tummy, legs, arms, etc lightly tickled or rubbed and will sit there for quite a while having them tickled.
He also moved from his crib to a toddler bed and thinks he's pretty hot stuff now!
We Love You Treker Poo!  Happy Birthday!

Boys and Their Dog!

These boys love their dog Hulk. They have so much fun with him. Me on the other hand not as much.  It's not that I don't like dogs but I just don't get as close and attached as they do and I am ok with that.  I have to admit it's pretty cute how much they love him, especially Kree!

Sticker Mania!

 These 2 crack me up!  They have a bunch of sticker books and all they want to do with them is stick them on their faces and bodies.  It's pretty darn cute though.  Treker still is trying to figure out how to get the stickers out of the book so he tends not to have as many as Kree. As long as they are having fun and staying content they can waste all the stickers they want. I just love the fact that they are getting a long so well... hopefully that continues!